Call or email us your dissertation or thesis and we will review your paper requirements at no cost or obligation.  We understand that every dissertation or thesis is unique and we are happy to adjust our service to suit your specific needs.  Since everyone's budget is unique, after we speak and review your needs, we will work together to create a reasonable price or full price.

When you give us a call, we will do our best to provide a pricing structure to fit your budget.  We are confident you will be satisfied with our availability, quick response, motivation, empowerment, knowledge, and pricing. 
Discounts may be available for high-volume orders (125+ pages).  Monthly payment plans are available upon request.

Dr. Kenney is available by phone, email, and Zoom for her clients.  To discuss your dissertation or thesis needs, you can contact her at: 

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Dr. Kenney is passionate about ensuring her doctoral and masters clients succeed and complete their dissertation and thesis.  She works with you from the commencement of your dissertation and thesis process through achieving approval from your chair and committee.  The dissertation and thesis writing process can be difficult and aggravating. Chairs and Advisors are repeatedly slow to respond with feedback and their expectations can be indefinable or seem variable.  Dr. Kenney provides prompt and reliable dissertation editing services to ensure that your material is well written, properly formatted, and ultimately approved by your chair and committee.  

Dr. Kenney motivates, empowers, encourages, and coaches you during every chapter of your dissertation and thesis to help you identify your topic, methodology, alignment, clarity, and flow based on your school's doctoral and thesis guidelines.  She is definitely a great sounding board and confidant throughout your doctoral and thesis journey to help you stay focus and complete your degrees.  Dr. Kenney has guided and coached many doctoral and thesis students throughout their journey to provide direction on scholarly writing structure, identify precise topics, create research questions, identify methodology, literature reviews, etc.  Her support, dissertation and thesis research knowledge, and services are essential and valuable to have during your journey.

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