Julwel A. Kenney, Ph.D.,


Personal & Professional Development Doctor

Certified Master Executive Coach


It's Your Time, Your Turn, and Your Season to Grow

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Are you or anyone you know experiencing any of the questions below:

  • Do you feel the need to please people?  Do you feel bad when people talk about you or don't like you?

  • Are you stuck?  

  • Are you a person and/or entrepreneur who doubts your ability?

  • Does your confidence interfere or stop you from achieving your goals, business, or success?

  • Are you in a verbal or physical abusive relationship (spouse, marriage, friends, family, coworkers, etc.)?

  • Do you make excuses for other people when they hurt you?

  • Have you been through a divorce or just ended a long-term relationship and feel lost? 

  • Do you feel obligated to make other people happy?

  • Do you project when you know you are in the wrong?

  • Does it make you feel better when you make other people happy or feel bad?

  • Are you afraid of rejection?  Does it set you back or stop you?

Learn how to overcome self-doubt, energize your power within, and to be fearless and limitless at Dr. Julwel's empowerment and inspirational Know Your Worth, personal and professional development courses and events.  No more procrastination, excuses, or being bullied.  It is your time, your turn, and your season to bring your vision to fruition.  No more doubt or fear!  Let’s talk real during our connection to enjoy a life of abundance, wisdom, and success.


​10 Reasons to Retain a Coach

A study by the International Coach Federation found that 98.5% of

coaching clients said their investment in a coach was well worth the money.

1.    You want to get to the next level.
2.    You see value in engaging a "sounding board".
3.    You want to prioritize key components of your life.
4.    You seek greater fulfillment and enjoyment.
5.    You want to communicate more effectively.
6.    You want to set and achieve goals.
7.    You want a forum to be totally honest.
8.    You need a partner that will help your business or career thrive. Someone who has"been there".
9.    You want to improve your image.
10.  You are ready to invest—in you.



    Courses Available:

What you will experience:

  1. Internal and External Transformation 

  2. High Self-Confidence, High Self-Esteem, and High Self-Worth

  3. Confidence to Accomplish Your Dreams, Visions, and Goals.

  4. Become an DOER, ACHIEVER, and WINNER!

  5. See Your Dreams and Visions Happening.

  6. Stay "Focus" to Bring Your Visions to Fruition (Reality).

  7. You Will Believe in You and Love You More.

  8. Think and Speak Positively and Confidently.

  9. How to Destroy Negative Thinking and Voices.

  10. Be Fearless and Limitless.

  11. Know Your Personal Value

  12. A Lifetime Member of the "Mastermind Achievers'                      Facebook Community"