Dr. Julwel Kenney Certified Master Executive Coach


  • Empowerment, Motivational, & Inspirational Speaker

  • Certified Master Executive Coach (CMEC)

  • Certified Change Management Professional Consultant (CCMP)

  • Certified DISC Behavior Coach (CDC)

  • Training & Development Consultant

  • 4-Time Author

Certified DISC Coach Badge

Dr. Kenney is a Personal & Professional Development Doctor who is an Empowerment, Motivational, & Inspirational Speaker.  Dr. Kenney is a self-motivated, skilled, energetic, hardworking, ambitious, enthusiastic, goal and result-oriented television and radio personality and leader who always strives for excellence.  Today, she is the Talk Show Host of “Dr. Julwel Kenney’s Know Your Self-Worth” premiering every Tuesday at 1 p.m. on RVN.TV, Hulu, Apple TV, and Roku.  Previously, she hosted an interactive radio show “Dr. Julwel Kenney Live – Let’s Talk Real Empowerment Show” that came on every Monday, 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., globally at blogtalkradio.com/julwelkenney, since March 25, 2009.  Dr. Kenney had over 40,000 listeners globally and has been a guest on various radio and TV talk shows (e.g., Daybreak), and has been speaking publicly for over 25+ years.

For over 17+ years, Dr. Kenney works as the CEO and consultant of JK Personal & Professional Development and is a dynamic, skilled, inspiring, down-to-earth, result-oriented, renowned national and international motivational/inspirational keynote speaker and author.  She can encourage others to achieve goals, conquers challenges, become empowered and transformed through effective coaching and mentoring.  Dr. Kenney is a motivational life coach who is recognized for inspirational leadership and guiding others to achieve and develop a high-performance mentality by building their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.  She teaches and motivates individuals to overcome self-doubt and to be fearless and limitless, as well as not to settle for mediocracy.

Dr. Kenney has authored four books, "How To Bring Out The Best In You: The Journey to Personal Transformation and Leadership"; “Bringing Out the Best in You Through Life Challenge", “GPS: Goals and Proves Strategies for Success…from the Leading Industry’s Experts” (co-authored with Dr. Steve Covey, Dr. John Gray, and Les Brown), and Regulating the Executive Coaching Industry.

She has traveled nationally and internationally leading and facilitating various leadership, personal development, youth development, and marriage workshops, seminars, and conferences.  She has encouraged and motivated many dignitaries, pastors, corporate and business executives, and others in leadership positions to succeed, handle difficult situations, and deal with ambiguity.  In addition, she has worked and coached individuals in leadership positions for many Fortune 500 corporations, led numerous projects in the corporate world, and held several management positions.  She has implemented collectively several corporate departments, corporate universities, and programs.

Professionally, Dr. Kenney is the CEO/President at JK Personal & Professional Development, Inc., an inspirational and motivational keynote speaker, leadership and development consultant, college professor, executive/business and life coach, and columnist.  She is a member of International Toastmasters and past Vice President of Public Relations (Park Avenue Chapter of New Jersey), American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)—past chairperson of the Northern New Jersey ASTD Registration Committee, Society of Human Resources (SHRM), National Black MBA Association, past President of Maywood Rotary Association, International Speakers Network (ISN), and was inducted into Phi Delta Kappa International.  She has been named 2011 Woman of the Year Award and 2010 Executive of the Year Award for Who’s Who.


Dr. Kenney is a true professional, an experienced speaker who has traveled the globe and tailors her presentations to connect with audiences of all sizes.  She feels honored to share her life with others.  Her presentation experiences are energizing, engaging, enriching, encouraging, empowering, effective, and always remembered.  It will motivate individuals to take the limits off to excel and soar as eagles.  Dr. Kenney's services will add great value and transform individuals to achieve effective results.  Audiences will be empowered to bring forth positive changes in their life.



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