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Dr. Julwel Kenney Certified Master Executive Coach


About Dr. Kenney
  • Empowerment, Motivational, & Inspirational Speaker

  • Certified Master Executive Coach (CMEC)

  • Certified Change Management Professional Consultant (CCMP)

  • Certified DISC Behavior Coach (CDC)

  • Training & Development Consultant

  • 4-Time Author

Certified DISC Coach Badge



Dr. Kenney has been in the Human Resources industry for over 30 years and is a self-motivated and result-oriented leader. She has worked within the Training and Development arena for over 20 years. During her tenure, she has worked with organizations and individuals teaching them how to change then transform to grow and succeed personally and professionally. Dr. Kenney’s empowering and motivating teaching style encourage participants to learn, embrace, adopt, and apply what they have learned daily. She reminds leaders organizations do not change, people do; therefore, it is imperative for leaders to learn and understand how to empower employees to transition from their current behavior to the future behavior of the organization’s goals by investing in learning and development.


Dr. Kenney is the dynamic CEO/President at JK Personal & Professional Development, LLC. Her expertise is in “people and organizational development.” In addition, she blends vital talents such as:


• Training/Learning Instructor

• Leadership and Development Consultant

• Change Management Consultant

• Executive/Business Life Coach

• Motivational Keynote Speaker




Dr. Kenney achieved the following professional credentials to complement her experience:


• Ph.D. in Educational Psychology - specializing in Training & Performance Improvement

• MBA in Human Resources Management

• MS in Organizational Leadership

• BS in Organizational Management

• Certified Change Management Professional

• Certified Master Executive Coach

• Certified DISC Behavior Coach

Dr. Kenney is the Author of three books about "leadership and personal transformation", which teaches how to use life challenges to bring out the best in you and how to adapt to change to transform to be the person and leader you want to be personally and professionally. Her books are featured on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and wherever books are sold. The titles are:


1. How To Bring Out the Best in You: The Journey to Personal Transformation and Leadership

2. Bringing Out the Best in You Through Life Challenges; It is Your Time to Achieve

3. GPS: Goals and Proven Strategies for Success…from the Leading Industry’s Experts (co-authored with Dr. Steve Covey, Dr. John Gray, and Les Brown)


To elaborate on Dr. Kenney’s expertise, as a “Certified Master Executive Coach,” she works and develops relationships with:


• CEOs who need a sounding board.

• Executives who want to learn how to demonstrate "values-based" leadership and wish to work on their people skills.

• High Performers who want to get to the next level.

• Individuals who need to focus on accountability, dependability, responsibility, and procrastination.

• Young Executives who wish to hone their leadership skills.

• Sales Managers who want to empower and motivate their sales forces to achieve.

• Other leadership skills.


She is also a “Certified Change Management Professional” to help people go through and embrace change. Dr. Kenney understands the change life cycle people experience and teaches them how to transition from their current state into the future state to embrace, adopt, and live the change. As a “Certified DISC Behaviour Coach” she helps clients learn and understand their behavior and communication styles professionally and personally and how to work effectively with others using different behavior styles to achieve business goals and objectives.


In addition, Dr. Kenney is the creator and instructor of an empowering and engaging 12-week online course, “Overcome Self-Doubt & Procrastination.” During these 12 weeks clients have transformed and learned how to know and understand their self-worth, personal value, say “no” without feeling bad, and build their confidence through life challenges to achieve the greatness inside of them. Clients have learned how to build their:


• High Self-Confidence

• High Self-Esteem

• High Self-Worth

• High Personal Value

Benefits to You


Dr. Kenney is comfortable speaking in a private setting with high-level executives or on-stage for an audience of thousands. Dr. Kenney is a true professional, an experienced renowned speaker who has traveled the globe and tailors her presentations to connect with audiences of all sizes. She feels honored to share her life and knowledge with others. Her presentation experiences are engaging, enriching, encouraging, empowering, effective, and always remembered. It will motivate individuals to take the limits off to excel and soar like eagles.


Her services will add tremendous value and transform your organization to achieve effective results. Your organization's leaders and employees will be transformed to bring forth positive change as a team in performance, productivity, and profitability.

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