Young Woman with Black Hair

I had the opportunity to have my DISC Assessment results by Dr. Julwel Kenney. This class Overcome Self-Doubt & Procrastination is about knowing about YOU! I have been avoiding me by being around others and even though I live alone, since taking this course, I'm going through a metamorphosis; my life is taking the stages of a butterfly. I believe I'm in the caterpillar stage right now. It's been a struggle to even sit down and do the homework which is all about knowing me and in order for change to take place, I must make a change. I am so thankful for Dr. Kenney and how she is helping to change peoples life as YOU put in the work. My life is changing everyday, and so is my name. I am now Achiever Robin!

Check out her website www.Dr.JulwelKenney.com #achieverrobin #pushpasspain

Robin Williams-Olin