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JK Personal and Professional Development (JKPPD) partners with individuals and organizations in transforming their lives, careers, and company through strategic personal and professional leadership development workshops and coaching. We offer best practices in effective personal and professional development strategies, as well as leadership training and mentoring. Our motto is to "think like a client and act as a guide”. Clients are our first priority. Visioning, strategic planning, goal setting, goal achievements, and delegating effectively is what we strive for to service clients. Programs are customized according to individual and organizational needs.


JKPPD's Vision is to work with clients to help employees “Increase in Performance and Productivity to Achieve Profitability”. 

Our Mission is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which clients can develop personal and professional communication, interpersonal skills, transformational skills, and leadership skills, which in-turn foster self-confidence, personal growth, and the motivation and courage to transform.  We partner with individuals and businesses to take the development of leaders and employees to the next level by emphasizing the combination of soft skills (people skills), coaching, leadership effectiveness, and agility to drive business results.

Capability Statement


We work with individuals and organizations’ employees to increase motivation, performance, productivity, communication, team building, leadership, conflict resolution techniques, and retention by creating a learning organizational culture or environment. JKPPD specializes in learning, training, and development to transform attitudes and behaviors through effective personal and professional courses.  We provide clients with an opportunity to link coaching with their training to allow individuals to achieve their full potential in their life and careers by cultivating their leadership abilities into leadership skills. Coaching is a critical part of individual and organizational business strategies to retain high performers and develop high potential employees for future leadership positions.


Whether an individual is fresh out of college or the CEO of a company, the skills required to lead and be effective are basically the same and are essential to being successful.  JKPPD helps prepare individuals with the leadership tools needed to be an effective leader, how to get a promotion, how to be an asset and the go-to-person / thought leader, and how to enjoy success at work every day.  Clients will be able to distinguish themselves as an outstanding and thought leader by going through the journey to personal transformation and leadership process to be a productive asset and not a liability in society and an organization.


Our responsibility is to help individuals identify the skills needed to be an effective leader, build effective teams, build and maintain relationships, increase productivity, and turn goals into results, which creates positive change in an organization.  We will mentor, coach, and provide development workshops to identify critical success factors that are the foundation for effective and rewarding relationships.

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