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Dr. Kenney has a strong educational background which has culminated in a PhD, Education Psychology, specializing in Training and Performance Improvement to complement her leadership, professional and personal development experiences, MBA in Human Resources Management, MS in Organizational Leadership, and BS in Organizational Management.  Her expertise is in “people and organizational development”. 


She is also a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) to help people go through and embrace change.  Dr. Kenney understands the change life cycle people experience and teaches them how to transition from their current state into the future state to embrace, adopt, and live the change; as well as a Certified DISC Behaviour Coach (CDC) to help clients learn and understand their behavior style and learn how to work effectively with different behavior styles to achieve business goals and objectives. 


To add to her expertise, Dr. Kenney is a Certified Master Executive Coach (CMEC) to work with and develop relationships with CEOs who need a sounding board, Executives who want to learn how to demonstrate "values based" leadership and wish to work on their people skills, High Performers who want to get to the next level, Individuals who need to focus on accountability, Young Executives who wish to hone their leadership skills, and Sales Managers who want to get the most out of their sales forces.

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