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Overcoming Self-Doubt & Procrastination
Online Course

Download the FREE short eBook, "Bringing Out the Best In You Through Life Challenges". Register for my course and you will receive the entire eBook Free!


In this course you will experience:

  1. Internal and External Transformation 

  2. High Self-Confidence, High Self-Esteem, and High Self-Worth

  3. Confidence to Accomplish Your Dreams, Visions, and Goals.

  4. Become a DOER, ACHIEVER, and WINNER!

  5. See Your Dreams and Visions Happening.

  6. Stay "Focused" to Bring Your Visions to Fruition (Reality).

  7. You Will Believe in You and Love You More.

  8. Think and Speak Positively and Confidently.

  9. How to Destroy Negative Thinking and Voices.

  10. Be Fearless and Limitless.

  11. Know Your Personal Value

  12. A Lifetime Member of the "Mastermind Achievers' Facebook Community"

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OCSD - What you will experience.

Moving Forward...



Success Begins Today!


Achiever Robin Williams-Olin

I had the opportunity to have my DISC Assessment results by Dr. Julwel Kenney. This class Overcome Self-Doubt & Procrastination is about knowing about YOU! I have been avoiding me by being around others and even though I live alone, since taking this course, I'm going through a metamorphosis; my life is taking the stages of a butterfly. I believe I'm in the caterpillar stage right now. It's been a struggle to even sit down and do the homework which is all about knowing me and in order for change to take place, I must make a change. I am so thankful for Dr. Kenney and how she is helping to change peoples life as YOU put in the work. My life is changing everyday, and so is my name. I am now Achiever Robin! 


Achiever Loretta A. Jack-Jones

Great Morning Achievers! Congratulations Achievers April and Robin!! Shouting a great big heartfelt thanks to you, Dr. Julwel for the course! Thank you for your sincerity, transparency and spirit of excellence, during the course. I’m grateful for the twelve weeks. I feel empowered and encouraged. Now, on to applying what has been imparted to me. 

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Angela R. Gilchrist


I’ve had the opportunity to read Dr. Julwel Kenney’s books and attend her seminars.  When she heard me talk, one of things she said was “You don’t have confidence, you need to work on your own self-esteem.”  I said to myself, “Wow! Me, no self-confidence, low-self-esteem?”  I thought about that for quite some time, how could that be? Well, after being married over 30 years and an at-home mom raising four children who are all now college educated I had to reconnect with my new purpose. What is stopping me from pursuing my personal goals? Why was I procrastinating; why didn’t I believe that I could succeed?  I attended Dr. Julwel Kenney’s “Know Your Worth” Seminar and was empowered and energized!   Dr. Julwel Kenney will motivate you to excel beyond your own limited expectations. Yes, now is my time!  During the pandemic I began my own real estate company and preparing to accept speaking engagements at various ministries.  To God be the glory!  Thank you, Dr. Julwel Kenney, for coaching me to step out and up to success!  I encourage you don’t waste another moment, register for one of her dynamic seminars, your circumstance will be changed.

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