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JK Personal and Professional Development will help you achieve an exceptional performance level within your organization and/or personal life. Dr. Kenney is a Personal & Professional Development Doctor Certified Master Executive Coach. Our goal is to cultivate, nurture, and develop emotional intelligence and enhance your interpersonal skills using techniques that will build your self confidence, self esteem, and self-worth to achieve SUCCESS. We believe in transforming your thinking in order to transform not only your professional life but also your personal life.


JK Personal and Professional Development builds trusted relationships with clients through effective listening, training, coaching, and communication by empowering employees and individuals to increase in performance and productivity to achieve organizational profitability, as well as teach individual clients to "know their self-worth" and to live their best life now.  

  • Executive 

  • Business/Entrepreneurship

  • Professional Career

  • Life 

  • Doctoral Dissertation & Master Thesis

  • Overcome Self-Doubt & Procrastination

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  • Energizing Your Power Within

  • Fearless & Limitless

  • Building a Healthy & Happy Marriage

  • Transformational Leadership