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Julwel A. Kenney, Ph.D.,


Personal & Professional Development Doctor

Certified Master Executive Coach



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Dr. Kenney is a Certified Master Executive Coach (CMEC).  She works with the following leaders:

  • Chief Suites who need a sounding board, lead effectively in times of change, create a learning culture to increase retention, and so much more.

  • Executives who want to learn how to demonstrate "values based" leadership and wish to work on their people skills, and so much more.

  • High Performers who want to get to the next level in leadership, individuals who need to focus on accountability, learn how to lead, and so much more.

  • Young Executives who wish to hone their leadership skills, improve their communication and team building skills, embrace change, and so much more.

  • Sales Managers who want to get the most out of their sales forces, create a team environment, improve retention and motivation, and so much more.

Master Coach Dr. Kenney’s goal is to build a long-term relationship with each of her clients to become their Trusted Advisor, personally and professionally.  Working with Master Coach Dr. Kenney allows clients to:

  • Develop clarity of purpose and focus on actions for accomplishing a new way of leading.

  • Prepare staff to go to the next level in their careers

  • How to go through a personal transformation

  • Learn how not to allow their personal life to affect their professional decisions and their professional life not to affect their personal decisions and life.

  • How to deal with and adapt to change and new strategies to create a culture where employees will feel valuable, take ownership and accountability to increase their performance and productivity to achieve profitability as a team.

  • How to lead and empower stakeholders in times of change.

Contact Master Dr. Julwel Kenney to achieve and bring your professional and personal goals to fruition today.



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Master Executive Coach Dr. Julwel works with you to improve and increase in your performance and productivity to achieve profitability in your place of business as an entrepreneur. Dr. Kenney provides direct, tactful, but truthful advice, even if it stings a bit. She delivers specific, rather than general feedback to get you focused and confident. Honest feedback is essential to prevent foreseeable problems to avoid big headaches.  A few of the successful skills you will learn:

  • Communicate more effectively to influence potential clients, team, and clients.

  • Strategies to build effective team members and leaders (if necessary).

  • Create or update business plan to develop an effective workflow/roadmap.

  • Define and/or clarify business vision and mission and how it aligns with goals.

  • Identify and set strategic goals for today and the future.

  • Create and implement a realistic action plan to start working on right away.

  • Identify pressing risk and challenges that are needed to solve or eliminate.

  • How to use rejection to increase business strategies and sales.

  • Steps to get rid of energy drainers to add new and better things to life.

  • Strategies for effective time management.

  • How not to allow your professional life to affect your personal life and personal life not to affect your professional life.

  • Build self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Overcome self-doubt to increase your assertiveness, especially in times of uncertainty.

  • Handle ambiguity more effectively.

  • Attract and experience more success, happiness, and personal effectiveness—spiritually, personally, and professionally.

  • Identify values and live in alignment with them.

  • Communicate your wants and needs to shore up good support systems.

  • Commit in times of hesitation and step out of your comfort zone to drive sales and profits.


Master Executive Coach, Dr. Julwel Kenney uses a result-based approach to empower clients to make informed decisions about their career.  She works with clients to start right where they are, “now”, to get them focused on accountability, actions, and results along with building their self-confidence and self-esteem to achieve their career goals.


Clients can experience a career development or transition at any point in their life.  From the start of their career to building a new resume or CV, negotiating salary and job specifications including title, to determining their next career steps or transition, and retirement.  Master Executive Coach, Dr. Kenney, provides clients with the tools, methodology, and mindset to make intelligent professional choices, and decisions to identify what opportunities exist, what clients would like to do or passionate about, and what are the goals clients want to achieve in their life. 


Clients will receive personalized and expert advice tailored to their specific situation.  Each client will obtain these valuable benefits:


  • Tools to refine next career steps.

  • A clear path towards success.

  • Leadership skills

  • Mentorship

  • Effective communication and team building skills.

  • Keys to assess their current career situation.

  • Highlight strengths and minimize weaknesses.

  • Potential skills gaps and suggested interventions to develop them.

  • Learn to allocate time to focus on career development and effectiveness.

  • Well-defined and realistic goals with action plans to achieve career objectives.

  • Work, test, and communicate new ideas in a safe environment.

  • Effective interviewing skills based on job, including C-suites.

  • Craft compelling stories to resonate with recruiters to build smart and convincing strategies to prove to be the best candidate for the job.

  • Address any pitfalls in mock interviews.

  • Achieve the confidence and inspiration needed to influence leaders.


Master Executive Coach Dr. Kenney uses the co-active coaching methodology by informing each client they are responsible and accountable for their success. Clear expectations are set on what clients want, what is needed, and what will be received to lead clients toward success in their career. Clients will be engaged, empowered, energized, and encouraged to stay focus, grow, and learn to be the best person and candidate in their field by staying knowledgeable and on their  industry’s cutting-edge.


It's Your Time, Your Turn, and Your Season to Grow

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What you will experience:

  1. Internal and External Transformation 

  2. High Self-Confidence, High Self-Esteem, and High Self-Worth

  3. Confidence to Accomplish Your Dreams, Visions, and Goals.

  4. Become an DOER, ACHIEVER, and WINNER!

  5. See Your Dreams and Visions Happening.

  6. Stay "Focus" to Bring Your Visions to Fruition (Reality).

  7. You Will Believe in You and Love You More.

  8. Think and Speak Positively and Confidently.

  9. How to Destroy Negative Thinking and Voices.

  10. Be Fearless and Limitless.

  11. Know Your Personal Value

  12. A Lifetime Member of the "Mastermind Achievers'                      Facebook Community"

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